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Get Our Special Edition Spanish Paprika Chips While They Last!

When we launched our Zingerman’s Potato Chips back in February, we were pretty excited about our three varieties: Tellicherry Pepper, Grey Sea Salt, and Detroit Street Barbecue. However, it didn’t take long for us to begin fantasizing about more new and exciting flavor possibilities. In fact, Deli Managing Partner Rodger Bowser had his eye on one particular flavor even before the first bags hit the shelves—and now he’s made the snacky dream a reality with Zingerman’s Potato Chip Special Edition Spanish Paprika.

“We were mixing bowls of spices up with chips hot out of the fryer, and I was like, ‘Alright, let’s try that paprika one’,” he says. “It was an eye-opener. I mean, it was definitely a showstopper, so I couldn’t wait to do this one.”

Rodger thinks paprika is an unsung hero of the spice world, but this chip just might be the perfect way to introduce people to how fantastic it really is. He says the flavor is a bit reminiscent of paella, minus the saffron—slightly smokey and just a teeny bit spicy. Currently, they’re only available at the Deli while supplies last.

Rodger says this is just the first of Special Edition chips, and we can expect more in the future. He has lots of ideas he’d like to try. “This is our opportunity to play around with flavors,” says Rodger. “Hopefully they will introduce people to some they’ve never tried before.”

Get Zingerman’s Potato Chip Special Edition Spanish Paprika at the Deli while supplies last. They’re a one-off, so once they’re gone, they’re really gone! Don’t miss ’em.