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Cheezeducation charges ahead at the Creamery

As I work more and more with the idea of organizations as ecosystems (stay tuned for a new pamphlet on the subject next year) and with the idea of working in harmony with the greater ecosystem in which one’s business is located, it’s clear in hindsight that Zingerman’s is a near ideal fit for a community in which the largest single component is the University of Michigan. From day one, March 15, 1982, we’ve always been about learning. And that learning component of our work just keeps growing.

Over the last year or so, the latest phase of terrific Zingerman’s teaching and learning has been unfolding at the Creamery. With each month, we add more classes because the enthusiastic response to the sessions has been so positive. Between the nationally-renowned BAKE! a few hundred feet to the north, and the internationally-acknowledged ZingTrain (looks like I’ll be teaching in Dublin in the fall—email me if you have a friend there who’d be interested) across the road, I’m starting to think that, with a nod to U of M, we might start casually calling Zingerman’s Southside “South Campus.”

In any case, the Creamery crew have been teaching some terrific little classes—evenings, weekends, you name it! You can view the event calendar here. Seats are limited—sign up soon. They’re a wonderful way to treat your significant other, organize a date, create a family outing, or entertain out of town friends.