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Hot Cross Buns: Don’t Miss This Storied Easter Treat!

For the longest time, I just thought Hot Cross Buns was a song you learned to play on the recorder in 5th grade. Little did I know these specialties are a quintessential part of the Easter holiday season and a beloved part of Zingerman’s Bakehouse spring Special Bakes (items we only make once in a […]

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It Came from Transylvania! Somodi Kálacs Are Back, BUT Just for the Weekend

It’s sweet, it’s buttery, it’s swirled with cinnamon sugar, and it’s back—but just for a very limited time. For the uninitiated, Somodi Kálacs is a delicious yeasted traditional Hungarian Easter bread that we learned how to make in a village in Transylvania during our trip there back in 2012. We’ve loved it ever since, and […]

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