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World Release Party for Tamworth Woodland Finished Prosciutto


Living high on the hog

tamworth-prosciuttoOn Wednesday, October 23 at 6:30 pm, the Zingerman’s Deli will host a very special event. Herb and Kathy Eckhouse, founders of La Quercia, have selected Zingerman’s to host the World Release Party for their new Tamworth Woodland Finished Prosciutto. This means you’ll be able to taste their exquisite new prosciutto at Zingerman’s before it’s available anywhere else in the world!

In December 2011, Herb and Kathy began making a selection of woodland-finished cured meats using Tamworth hogs. The Tamworth breed is known for its succulent meat and sweet, nutty flavor. As La Quercia says:

“These heritage breed Tamworth hogs are pasture raised in Missouri at the family farm of Russ Kremer and spend their last three months foraging an Ozark Mountain hillside covered with oak and hickory trees. An estimated 60-75% of their diet consists of acorn and hickory nuts. It is the ideal environment for raising happy, healthy, delicious hogs. When cured, the dark coral meat is nutty and sweet, with an unexpected depth and meltingly tender texture. The forest foraging diet adds a spectacular richness and a creamy texture that will knock your socks off!”

We’ve been fortunate to taste La Quercia’s coppa, their lonza, their pancetta and their delicious spallacia, and all are simply amazing. We’re very excited to be able to share this wonderful new prosciutto with our guests before it’s available in New York, San Francisco, or any of the other food meccas out there!

Please join us for an evening of tasty bits of pork, the unveiling of nature’s magic, and some great storytelling. Herb will share samples of the new Tamworth Woodland Finished Prosciutto, as well as several other prosciutti made from different breeds. Russ Kremer will also be on hand to talk about raising the Tamworth hogs, and the effects that each breed has on the finished flavor profile of the meat.


  • Prosecco and Labrusca Wine pairings
  • Toast Points with Lardo
  • A delicious Charcuterie Plate
  • Roasted Apples drizzled with Saba.
  • Pasta Carbonara using Woodland Finish Guanciale
  • Autumn salad of Kale with Prosciutto and Espelette Mustard Vinaigrette

Call Zingerman’s Deli at 743-663-4300, or reserve your seat online!

Don’t miss it!