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We’re Throwing THREE Paella Parties, and You’re Invited

Seafood paella from last year’s festivities

We’ve been throwing our annual Fiesta de España for 32 years! Over the decades, it’s grown bigger and bigger with hundreds attending—and the paella, the delicious rice dish from Valencia, Spain, has begun to sell out faster and faster. So, this year, we’ve decided to match the community’s enthusiasm for our celebration of delicious Spanish cuisine with not one, not two, but three paella parties on the Deli’s patio on September 17, September 24, and October 1.

Festivities for each event begin at high noon with a free step-by-step presentation from Chef Rodger on how to prepare paella. Then, the eating begins! Rodger and his crew will be cooking up three types of traditional paella—chicken/chorizo, seafood, and vegetarian—all grilled over mesquite. And those in the know will be lined up to accent the dish with blistered padrón peppers from northwestern Spain, which are mostly mild (though you do get a hot one once in awhile).

Don’t miss out on padrón peppers

Yes, we will be sampling our favorite Spanish foods!

We’ll also be featuring samples of Spanish products, and items to purchase and take home, including tuna, spices, and a DIY Paella Kit–all you’ll need to get you started making paella at home (It includes a 32nd Annual Paella Party t-shirt, 18” paella pan, bomba rice, paprika, saffron and recipe booklet. Priced at $95, with a value of $120.)

Another first and exclusive to the paella parties: we’re also very excited to be featuring two special desserts from Zingerman’s Bakehouse for this year’s festivities: torta de santiago and miguelitos. “Our partners at the Deli have been putting on this great event for years, but we didn’t make any Spanish desserts. We thought it would be fun for us to learn something new and join in on the paella party experience!” says Bakehouse co-owner Amy Emberling.

Torta de santiago made by the Bakehouse is new this year!

On the lighter side of the dessert spectrum, both are inspired by traditional Spanish recipes and, Nina P. from the Bakehouse says they provide the perfect ending to hearty paella. The torta de santiago is a simple, almond meringue cake with lemon zest, and while it’s often made with almond extract, we create its distinct flavor with very special Douro fried almonds that are sold at the Deli. The miguelitos is dark chocolate cream sandwiched between crisp hand-made puff pastry and topped with a sprinkling of cocoa sugar. Bring a friend, so you can get both and share!

And don’t forget the real Valencian-style tiger nut Horchata –RAAAAWR! We also have the best Spanish drinking chocolate for sale at the Next Door.

Join us on the Deli patio September 17, September 24, and October 1 for our 32nd Paella Party! You can RSVP by clicking the links to the dates above, but there’s no charge to watch the demonstrations, which start at 12pm sharp for each event. All paella is sold by the pound. See you there!