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Zingerman’s 2032 Vision

It’s our 50th year! That’s right. The Big 5-O! And the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses (ZCoB) is healthier, happier, and more financially sound than ever. We have continued to break creative ground in the worlds of progressive business, service, food, work experiences, love and care. In an era where electronic interaction is now the norm, our personalized, passion-driven, person-to-person connections set us further apart from the mainstream.

As we have for nearly 40 years now, since the 2009 vision was written in 1994, we operate as one coherent community, honoring the 15 to 20 Zingerman’s businesses that are a part of the organization. All are located here in the Ann Arbor area. Some of the businesses are “big,” others are small. All strive for excellence in their respective areas of expertise. Each business in the ZCoB has a managing partner or partners who own real shares in the business, have a deep passion for what that business does, and are charged with leading its work.

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ZingTrain Q&A: Here’s How Ji-Hye Kim Partnered with Zingerman’s to Open Miss Kim

Back in November, on what would turn out to be Ji-Hye Kim’s last free day in a long time, ZingTrain eagerly interviewed her about what it meant to be a partner of the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses and opening our newest business—a Korean food restaurant—Miss Kim. ZingTrain: Tell us the story. Start at the very […]

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A Message of Hope from Ari Weinzweig

Zingerman’s co-owner and founding partner Ari Weinzweig sent this note to the staff in response to the recent election. It meant a lot to many of our community, so we decided to share it with you. Although I’ve worked at it over the years, I’m still not all that great at processing strong emotions quickly.  […]

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Business Perspective Chart

With all the action that goes into daily life in the ZCoB, it’s all too easy to lose our way and end up in the wilderness. We use this chart to help us stay focused and to keep things in perspective. Vision: Zingerman’s 2020 This is where we’re headed over the next decade or so. […]

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Open Book Management—Why Do We Bother To Do It?

1. Alignment with our guiding principles. Our guiding principles specifically state that we’re committed to sharing as much information as possible with everyone in the organization. Open book management honors that commitment. 2. The more information we share the more effectively everyone can make a positive difference. Without solid information about how we’re performing financially, […]

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Here are the 5 Key Areas That Make Us Different But first check out this fun video we made from 2008… 1. Three Bottom Lines Instead of One At Zingerman’s, our day-to-day efforts are directed at delivering winning results in three key areas: Great Food, Great Service and Great Finance. These are our three bottom […]

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