Looking for Signs

Have you seen the cool new road sign tables at the Zingerman’s Deli?
Where did they come from?
Here’s the Deli’s Nancy Rucker with the scoop:

 The tables are the new creation of two of the coolest guys I know- Scott Lankton and Jim Roth. These guys contacted us last year during the expansion with a proposal to build new furniture for our patio. We visited Lankton’s Design Studio to see what it was all about and had a chance to see the tables which we liked instantly! However, it was not exactly within our budget to purchase all custom-made tables for the new patio. So we made a deal to buy a few to showcase on our patio.

For information about Scott & Jim’s beautiful, custom-built furniture, check out their website.
From their brochure:

Jim Roth from Hell, Michigan and Scott Lankton from Ann Arbor have teamed up again~ this time to produce an exciting new line of METAL FURNITURE with strong links to the past. All made in the USA. Some pieces are classical, some contemporary and funky, some made with repurposed materials and even road signs!
  • Forged, or hammered texture is an important design element in many of these pieces.
  • They feature wrought steel bases with tops of polished glass, granite, copper, or wood. Repurposed wood and metal are also used.
  • Each table is hand made with fire, hammers, and anvils here in our Michigan Blacksmith Studios.
  • Each is signed, dated, and in most cases, one of a kind.





For more about Scott Lankton, check out his site. For more about Jim Roth, check out his Hell Creek Forge site.

Just follow the signs!