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Mardi Gras Special Dinner Guest Unmasked: Zingerman’s Roadhouse Welcomes NOLA Native Jimmy Galle

Every Mardi Gras carnival needs a king, and Zingerman’s Roadhouse is proud to welcome Jimmy Galle of Gulfish to our party on February 28th. We will be celebrating Mardi Gras by paying tribute to a long-standing New Orleans landmark Galatoire’s. The Bourbon Street restaurant established claim to fame in 1905 with its upscale French Creole menu and festive atmosphere, making it an ideal Mardi Gras destination. Both the Roadhouse and Galatoire’s use freshly sourced fish from the reputable supplier Gulfish, resulting in seafood dishes with a high caliber of flavor that the Roadhouse will present at its Mardi Gras Special Dinner.

“If you want it and we have it, you know we’ll bring it”-Gulfish

Gulfish was started up by Jimmy Galle, who grew up in New Orleans, to provide chefs with the freshest and finest seafood from the Gulf of Mexico. The fishermen catch the fish to order, then Gulfish ships it themselves so that it only takes 18-24 hours from the water to the restaurant. Several times a week, the Roadhouse receives photos of fish on the boats from Jimmy, allowing us a direct, first-rate selection of seafood from small operation fisherman.

Our slightly sweet red snapper, mild tasting pompano, and meaty Gulf shrimp all come from Gulfish. Jimmy asserts, “I can tell you the name of the guy who caught it, the boat it came in on, what dock it came in on, and when it came in.” Gulfish supports fisherman who follow the principles of sustainable fishing, and with each order, provides us with an opportunity to do the same. The result is a royal quality of fish on our menu that larger fleets cannot match.

While Jimmy will not be arriving by traditional riverboat for our Mardi Gras celebration, his insight into New Orlean’s cuisine and the importance of fresh seafood will be parade worthy. His sovereign attention to the superiority of Gulf fish will be present in every bite of the Red Drum en Papillote Sardou and the Seafood Gumbo we will feature on our menu for the dinner.

To view the menu and purchase tickets for the Mardi Gras Special Dinner #205 on February 28th, just click here.