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Last Night at Miss Kim: Suckling Pig Dinner, Buns Edition

Chef Ji Hye Kim tearing it up at the Suckling Pig Dinner

One of the most exciting things happening around the ZCoB right now is Miss Kim’s Suckling Pig Parties. The monthly event has already earned a lot of devotees, selling out each time. The really exciting part is that every party has a theme—so far, chef Ji Hye Kim has presented ssam, tacos, and just last night, she pulled out the big guns with buns! Long time fans of Miss Kim will remember that the restaurant got its start with San Street, a food cart specializing in buns at Mark’s Carts, and for this dinner, Ji Hye and her team let guests get creative with a spectacular spread of steamed buns along with pulled pork and condiments to fill them up. Plus, a bounty of delicious sides!

Here are some photos from last night’s dinner. Keep your eyes open for the theme of our next Suckling Pig Party on October 8. We’ll be announcing it on the Miss Kim website and Facebook page soon!

Ji Hye and her crew steamed 160 buns for the dinner.

Last night’s sides included soy-butter potatoes, japchae with mushrooms, roasted cabbage with koryo seeds, fried green beans, and more.

Salad with tomato-plum dressing

The soy butter potatoes were simply delicious.

Japchae with mushrooms and a rainbow of colors.

Ji Hye takes condiments seriously. There were plenty to dress the buns, from jalapenos and sriracha mayo to soy pickled shisho. On the cocktail front, the drink of the night was Watermelon Punch, made with fresh watermelon juice and shoju:


Peaches for dessert were brûléed in brown sugar and fermented plum sauce.

The nectarines and raspberries topped a lovely soy pudding.

Don’t miss the next Miss Kim Suckling Pig Dinner! Visit the website for the next party announcement, and check out our list of upcoming dinners in the meantime!