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Tteokbokki at Miss Kim

The spicy dish that takes the cake

The most popular street food in Korea and the most popular dish at Miss Kim. If you like spice and you like rice cakes, this is the dish for you. It’s also a staff favorite. Many of us are essentially addicted.

Tender rice batons cooked in a slightly spicy sauce laced with small bits of tender pork belly. The crew at Miss Kim can tell you, “Tteokbokki is simply its own wonderful thing. It’s a spicy, sweet, salty, fatty, crispy, chewy and tender masterpiece that will peak your interest at first bite and leave you coming back for more time and time again.” Most everyone I meet who starts to tell me how good their meal was at Miss Kim will mention them sooner (usually) or later.

Originally served to royalty made with soy sauce and not at all spicy, over the centuries it gradually became the food of the common people, getting redder in color and spicier in the process. The small pieces of pork, the spice of the gochujang sauce… it all combines to make for one seriously compelling dish. It turns out that tteokbokki was one of managing partner and chef, Ji Hye Kim’s favorite foods growing up. No surprise—her childhood passion has now been converted into one of the signature dishes at her new acclaimed restaurant! If you come by to try them, you’ll see why they’re all the rage. Topped with a six-minute egg and embroidered with lovely little red chile threads.

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