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Ann Arbor Private Events

Looking for a space for Ann Arbor private events? How about a restaurant offering exceptional, unique food that caters to special diets, all in a charming, intimate urban space? If you’re planning a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or retirement celebration, you’ve found your ideal event spot with Miss Kim, Zingerman’s Korean restaurant at Kerrytown in Ann Arbor. With all the choices for private events across the city, here’s why this one is a true gem.

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Customized Private Events

There are a full spectrum of options to create an event that’s right for you and your group. You can reserve the entire restaurant, or choose just the front or back half of the dining room. When it comes to having the restaurant to yourselves, Mondays are your best bet because the restaurant is otherwise closed. You’ll also find weekdays and lunchtime or happy hour get togethers to be a lower cost than weekends and evenings. The event planning staff will work with you to find an available date and time of day that works for your needs and your budget. 

Miss Kim Ann Arbor

You can also choose the serving style that suits the desired vibe of your event: a self serve buffet, family style for sharing at each table, or plated individual meals. Beverage options are also flexible including an open bar, a cash bar or offering guests paid drink tickets. The bar features exclusive Miss Kim cocktails and mocktails, as well as select beers, ciders, and wines. You can include special Korean drinks like nonalcoholic banana milk or Soju, a distilled liquor made from rice.

Miss Kim Cocktails



Cap off your celebratory meal with a customized cake from Zingerman’s Bakehouse. From a simply decorated buttercream cake with a personal inscription to a three-tiered hand-painted work of art showcasing the event’s theme, they can create the perfect cake for you. Your cake is sure to taste as good as it looks, too. The Bakehouse bakes with great ingredients and makes everything from scratch, even the fondant.

Intimate Ann Arbor Events Space

What makes Miss Kim a charming space for your Ann Arbor private events? The restaurant is part of historic Kerrytown with its cobblestone courtyard and interior brick walls. The interior of Miss Kim is painted white with rich wood tables and sleek metal chairs. It’s a modern and neutral backdrop for your event. Your event staff will provide table flowers from the neighboring farmers market for small fee. You’re also welcome to bring in decorations in advance of your event.

Ann Arbor Private Event Miss Kim

The service at Miss Kim is helpful, informative, warm and enthusiastic – everything you’ve come to expect from Zingerman’s. The staff works together to ensure every detail of your event is attended to and every guest is well taken care of. 

Exceptional Food

Miss Kim serves fresh, modern interpretations of traditional Korean dishes. The flavors are unique, fresh and approachable. The menu is a product of long hours Chef Ji Hye spends at her desk pouring over 


ancient Korean cookbooks; at the market, collaborating with local farmers, and in the Miss Kim kitchen, translating and perfecting those ancient Korean recipes to showcase Michigan produce

The chefs at Miss Kim can easily accommodate all your guests. The menu and kitchen is very friendly for those with food allergies or diet preferences. It just so happens that traditional Korean cuisine, more often than not, is already free of common allergens and vegetarian fare gets equal billing with meat dishes. Vegan, vegetarian, nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free individual meals or full event menus can all be accomplished, and with great flavor, too! 

There are a selection of private party menus to choose from, or you can create your own. It’s hard to choose with options like sticky Korean fried chicken, tempura fried vegetables with fish sauce caramel, spicy rice batons called tteokbokki, bright best-of-the-season salads, warming stone bowl dishes, and more.

For a one-of-a-kind experience, you can choose to recreate one of their popular monthly buffets for your private party, such as the vegetarian feast or the suckling pig dinner. The latter is particularly festive and impressive, when the chef pulls the pork before your guests.


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