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Good Advice from the Women of Zingerman’s

Last month, we celebrated Women’s History Month by asking the women partners of Zingerman’s Community of Businesses to give us their best advice. We posted their responses on our Zingerman’s Community Instagram and  thought it’d be fun to recap their wise words here.  Here’s what they had to say: Amy Emberling, Co-Managing Partner of Zingerman’s […]

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ZingTrain Q&A: Here’s How Ji-Hye Kim Partnered with Zingerman’s to Open Miss Kim

Back in November, on what would turn out to be Ji-Hye Kim’s last free day in a long time, ZingTrain eagerly interviewed her about what it meant to be a partner of the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses and opening our newest business—a Korean food restaurant—Miss Kim. ZingTrain: Tell us the story. Start at the very […]

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6 (Really Good) Reasons to Attend the Zingerman’s Experience Seminar

If just the thought of a “business seminar” puts your brain on snooze, we get it. The term brings on visions of stuffy rooms, mediocre food and endless presentations for us too! But our ZingTrain seminars really are different—they’re designed to stimulate creativity to inspire real change. The Zingerman’s Experience, in particular, is a good […]

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ZingTrain Kicks Off 7th Annual Speaker Series!

ZingTrain’s 7th Annual Speaker Series kicked off August 31st with an engaging and enlightening talk from the renowned management leader, Peter Block. Ranging from personal introspection to the world at large, his talk Creating a Compassionate Economy, revolved around the necessity to eschew traditional methods of measuring personal and economic success for a more holistic […]

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Peter Block: Creating a Compassionate Economy

Peter Block has deeply influenced the way we work at Zingerman’s. His ideas on Stewardship and Leadership have changed the very core of how we work. It is with much excitement (and no small measure of nerdish glee) that we welcome Peter for a very Special Edition of our Speaker Series. This blog post was […]

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From Ann Arbor to Addis Ababa

ZingTrain’s Gauri chats with Ari Weinzweig and Ann Lofgren about their trip to Ethiopia.

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