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Cranberry Walnut Pie

One of the quiet wonders of the Bakehouse If you’re a long time Zingerman’s regular, you likely know the items that have gained us fame over the last quarter century of baking. Sour cream coffee cakes, Jewish rye bread, Pecan Raisin, Magic Brownies, pecan pie . . . Then there are the amazing new additions—breads […]

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Marash Turkish Red Pepper Flakes

The magical spice of eastern Turkey If you want an easy way to help bring the flavors of your cooking alive in under a minute, you might want to pick up a jar of this terrific dried red pepper from Turkey. Marash pepper is magical. The more you use it, the more likely you’ll feel […]

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Greek Sheep’s Milk Feta at the Cream Top Shop

Handmade artisan feta from the island of Lesbos As you probably know by now, I’m a big fan of feta cheese. This new arrival is amazing! To be clear, I still, also, love the Mt. Vikos-brand, barrel-aged feta we get from Vassily Roussas in northern Greece that we stock regularly at the Deli. It’s made […]

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Trea Wildflower Honey from Greece

A culinary gift from the island of Thasos Here’s an awesome way to lighten and brighten your day. Toast a slice of good bread from the Bakehouse—I’m really high right now on the True North. Pour on a bit of your favorite olive oil. Spread on some of the Creamery’s handmade Cream Cheese, or the fresh ricotta […]

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Miss Kim’s Marvelous Bibimbob Meal Kits

Traditional Korean cooking in your home kitchen Seven months in, it’s safe to say that the challenges of the pandemic have been many. You don’t need me to detail them all here. But in the shadows of the struggles that have gotten most of the attention, there have still been small slivers of positive progress […]

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ZingShare: A Weekly Box of the ZCoB’s Best

Trying to minimize the amount of time you spend out and about? Love really good food, but not up for going from stop to stop to find it right now? Always up for a little culinary adventure in your kitchen?   We have an answer for you—our new ZingShare box!  Every week, we coordinate the best […]

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